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  1. Ter alias Straße

    3 years and this performance is my daily sunshine. i want harry to scream at me like he does at the end.

  2. Beatriz Eduarda


  3. Pablo el mafioso


    1. Pablo el mafioso


    2. Pablo el mafioso


  4. aditya unni

    Watermelon orgy!

  5. Alexandra Rozic

    harry, my boy, forever will cherish this song.

  6. hailong nguyen

    Why are you running?


    One billion for Harry's birthday

  8. Zulkarnaen Jasni

    Back when I didn't know the title of this song and just type in 'one man sugar' lol

  9. Daria and her Dumb Life

    im crying

  10. indravenidotk

    never gonna eat watermelon the same again

  11. Maria Viviane

    I love it!

  12. Eduardo Macias

    I love this song. I know even choreography.

  13. Alya Budebes

    idk if im imagining but at 2:38 sunflower vol 6 started playing

  14. Carlos Reyes Diaz

    Es el mejor cantante

  15. Tog Anto

    La fantastica costiera amalfitana <3

  16. Viral Churan

    One word for this song Masterpiece 💯

  17. Jai Dinkard

    My stepsister and I are obsessed with you Harry she said she might you to come to my party

  18. Gülse Neva Yar

    fight with kindness

  19. Meryem Kulakcı

    we'll obsessed with him.always🤩

  20. ARU

    this video or this song is never surpassed

  21. naatt

    alto video te mandaste harry, t aml flaco

  22. naatt


  23. Bri gabrielle

    He ran so aggressive

  24. Malyaa •


  25. Lucía Cordero Mo

    because you I know who I am ❤️

  26. Holly Thurston

    I love this song :)

  27. Karol Handy


  28. ANA LOIZA silva dos santos


  29. GirlAlmighty Directioner

    The fact that he dedicated weeks to perfect this, he had Paul fly down to LA so that they wouldn't miss out on practice time, he wrapped up the ws shoot and drove straight to the studio and spent the night rehearsing, the time and effort he put into this even though he didn't know if it would be released, THIS is why I call Harry my idol.

  30. Evellyn Santtos

    I love you Harry 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😍😍

  31. Elisa

    How is it even possible to love him so much? It's insane ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. Arlenys Mabel Contreras

    Rachel y Christofer

  33. Evellyn Santtos

    Amo esse cara falo diretamente do Brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷♥️

  34. samara thompson

    This is better than one Direction 😂

  35. Julian Dillon

    Very talented this song touches my heart as a musician 👨‍🎤

  36. Juuli Notti



    very good song dude

  38. S26

    imagine having a relationship with Harry

  39. Muskan Gurung

    I am so blessed while this man walks the Earth. (I heard it somewhere and I did relate to that)

  40. Abi H

    released a day before my birthday

  41. Redsketh22

    (mode creative)

  42. Roderick

    looks like an 80' music clip

  43. Susanna Meera


  44. _Ananya_

    We never learn, we been here before yeah harry we never learn we just keep coming back to you wink

  45. Sharia Ahmad

    Every second he’s beautiful

  46. Łukasz


  47. _Ananya_

    "who is here after Larry came out" just to be safe you know in the future

  48. naisha sherigar

    all his lyrics are so meaningful and are like blessings to the ears

  49. Willian Roma

    Essa música tá começando a estourar no Brasil!!! Kisses from Brazil Harry! ❤️ 🇧🇷

  50. Andy Willy

    Where are you running to

  51. franzi_music 1d

    Was he crying? Baby it´s okay ♥

  52. Saanjhi

    I still can't believe Dixie has more likes than this masterpiece...We have failed as a society😔

  53. Selene Carmona

    Noooo puedo dejar de escuchar esta cancióoooooooooooooooooooooooon no puedooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  54. B R A D Y

    Why am i having freddie Mercury vibe ahahha

  55. Nemanja T


  56. mis wandis


  57. Mili chan

    Mds as músicas dele é MT boraaaaa ahh 😊😊

  58. Avalee Scafidi

    harry saved 2021 and it just started

  59. Akhila Dinesh A2 _25

    One direction :- we are terrible dancers Harry :- hold my watermelon

  60. OrderBloody

    This hits different when it feels like the world is ending

  61. Crazy directioner

    That moment when u realise that those watermelons are luckier than u !!

  62. Crazy directioner

    Harry : hey ssup Me : bored Harry : * drops a music video * Me : * dies *

  63. Crazy directioner

  64. Crazy directioner


  65. Crazy directioner


  66. Crazy directioner


  67. Crazy directioner


  68. Crazy directioner


  69. Crazy directioner

  70. kung2006 KOZEREVA


  71. kung2006 KOZEREVA



    me gusta

  73. Sílvia Pujol Moreno

    28 goldens ...

  74. Mushybees

    Horrific. But oddly compelling.

  75. no u

    damn now i fully understand the story of this music vid. this made more sense the cut version. he somehow had to let go what once saved him to find happiness within himself and not from others

  76. Be like That

    Whoever wrote this song you're a LEGEND

  77. charlotte louise

    *i used to work in a bakery*

  78. Be like That

    This song is like the 80s style No nude, no sex lyrics, BEAUTIFUL SONG

  79. שיר דקל

    harry dose fall

  80. Yahya Siddique

    Who still watching this in 2k21 jan!!!!!!